Having Conversation

Now What?

Well, you’ve started meeting your neighbors through hosting a block party, having brief hellos while at the mailbox or out walking  your dogs, or maybe by getting brave and delivering cookies during the holidays. Now what?

The next goal is to create some opportunities where light conversations can happen. What did I do? I started doing some inviting: lunches, dinners, coffee klatches.  I also highlighted others who were doing a great job of inviting others to join them in their hobbies. Below are a few blog posts outlining some ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and various ways I and others are increasing our friendship circles.  I hope they will be an encouragement to you to try a few things in your neighborhood to get the conversations started.

Stork1) Thawing the Seattle Freeze: The Power of the Neighborhood Directory

Few people intend to not know their neighbors.  So, maybe my part in thawing the Freeze is simply just about being more intentional. Does your neighborhood produce a neighborhood directory? Maybe that’s a good place to start? I used my directory to organize a lunch with gals that I’ve met but don’t always get to spend a lot of time with. It was awesome – give it a try!

Lunch2) Friday Lunch Bunch: A Great Opportunity to Re-Connect

My lesson learned: pick up the phone and make the call.  My impromptu lunch was fun, refreshing and started my weekend off on a real lift.


Coffee Klatch3) The CRAZY, AMAZING coincidence that happened at my first coffee klatch! Get your Kleenex ready…

On my continuing mission to challenge myself to be intentional about exploring the many ways Seattleites might open up their friendship circles, I decided to try my hand at organizing a neighborhood coffee klatch. You would NOT believe what happened: here’s the story, and every word is true!

Running is one of Seattle's great "ING" things - we love individualist type of activities

4) Seattle Connection: Turning out “ING” things into “BING” Things

My friend Wendy is a transplant from Chicago.  She told me once that one of the first things she noticed about Seattle is that we are the ‘land of the INGs’.  Seattleites like to “ING”:  RunnING, hikING, cyclING, snow and water skiING. It made me think: how do I turn an “ING” thing into a “BING” thing?

Dr. David Bahm5) Men & Connection: Shoulder to Shoulder, Spoke to Spoke

It’s been documented through research that when it comes to forming deep human relationships, women more often need to connect face-to-face.  Men, however, form equally meaningful friendships connecting ‘shoulder-to-shoulder.’ Or, in some cases, ‘Spoke-to-Spoke.’

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