I’m Declaring War on the Seattle Freeze!

I'm declaring war on the Seattle Freeze!

The Seattle Freeze.

Are you familiar with this term?  I did a quick poll among some friends recently and about half of them had never heard of this catch phrase describing one of Seattle’s least attractive qualities. Read more…

A discussion about religion and beliefs beneath The Red Tent

My book club enjoyed a discussion about the role of religion in our lives after reading The Red Tent.

My neighbor Sue literally created The Red Tent for our book club discussion, wrapping her outdoor table in red table cloths and napkins. To top it off, she served us dates, olives, goat cheese, almonds and chocolate covered pommagranate seeds.

It’s been said if you want to get into an argument, just start a conversation about religion or politics. Apparently whoever said that never took part in my neighborhood book club. Read more…

How do we best celebrate Mother’s Day after losing our mom?

My mom and I on vacation in Maui, 1994.

My mom and I on vacation in Maui, 1994.

As my mom’s last years were spent declining into the abyss of dementia, before her death last February I had been losing her over and over again for 7 years. Years filled with difficult decisions and ever deeper levels of sadness.

Those days are now gradually moving behind me and this Mother’s Day I’m looking to honor my mother in new ways. Read more…

Pampered Chef: A Springboard to Connection. Who Knew?

Kirsten at Pampered Chef

On a day that was raining

And I should have been blue

I did something so wonderfully fun

That you could easily do too!

Read more…

Let there be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with…Coffee

Peace on Earth can start with a simple cup of coffee

Photo taken from coffeedrinker.net

At my recent Neighborhood Coffee Klatch, the participants noticed something wonderfully unique: in attendance that morning there were just as many multi-national transplants as there were ‘Yanks’.  Our neighborhood is growing to be a true melting pot of many different countries and cultures.


Regardless of Religion, Easter is An Invitation


When being strategic about proactively getting to know neighbors in Seattle, normally I’d recommend extending an invitation that’s at least 3-6 weeks out from the intended dining date.  I’ve found that people in Greater Seattle are BUSY, and their calendars fill up fast and are often booked several weeks out.

But this year, Easter is early and is, perhaps, catching a lot of people by surprise (like me!). Read more…