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It’s time for an analog revolution

Yes, it’s me. After more than a year of silence, I’m still here. I’m still neighboring. I haven’t blogged in the past year because I didn’t have much new to share. I’m continuing to enjoy great connections with my neighbors … Continue reading

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Flowers? Tomatoes? Mystery Fruit? What you might already have that could trigger a chain reaction of neighborliness

I love stories of unexpected kindness.  My neighbor, Tracey, who moved here with her family from England two years ago, recently shared a wonderful example of such kindness on her Facebook page. When they moved into their home, they inherited … Continue reading

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4 fun ideas to build connection in your neighborhood this summer

Summer officially arrives next Monday and SUMMER IN SEATTLE is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy being neighborly. I discovered two years ago that by being intentional and organizing just one thing each month during the summer, the frequency … Continue reading

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The Bane of Busyness: How to Carve Out Time to Carve Out Time?

We Seattleites like to work.  It’s documented, don’t cha know.  Just a couple of years ago Forbes magazine rated Seattle as the #1 Hardest Working City in the United States. We’re so proud.  And tired.  And wishing we had more … Continue reading

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Look Closely at 2015. What Do You See?

When you reflect on the highlights of your 2015, what do you see? This thought came to mind when I received this incredibly fun gift from my neighbor shown below. It’s the second Christmas she’s done this. Look closely.  At first … Continue reading

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3 necessities for weathering a Seattle power outage

(originally posted December, 2015)  I have lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest and I have never awoke to a thunder and lightning storm in December.   Until today. As this latest El Nino continues its dicey dance with … Continue reading

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How we overcome sadness when that great neighbor moves away

When I launched my neighboring journey and blog 18 months ago, I got an insightful comment from someone about one of the possible reasons we Seattleites develop ‘Freeze Mentality’: “The Seattle Freeze was totally a thing for us when we … Continue reading

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An Important Halloween Message From Ms. LeStrange

Hope you enjoy the video. Below are some quick ideas to make this Halloween count in your neighborhood!

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Why Suicide Prevention Month matters to Seattle, and to me

September is national suicide prevention month. While Seattle is not among the country’s top cities for suicide, we are 6th in the nation for depression.  Couple depression with prolonged stress factors such as harassment, bullying, relationship problems or unemployment, and … Continue reading

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