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Getting Started: How To Get Acquainted With Your Neighbors

Taking that first step to thaw the Seattle Freeze in your neighborhood can feel daunting. I know because I’ve been there. The thought of “putting yourself out there” can give you the nervous heebie-jeebies and wondering where to even start can sink our Tevas in some heavy emotional quicksand.

That’s why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting out with an informal block party. I was amazed and encouraged at the response to mine, at which I met 5 neighbors for the very first time!  Below are 5 blog posts that include some “how to” tips from my own experiences, plus a couple of spotlights on those who have done it much better than me.

Organize a Block Party! It’s an EXCELLENT, non-threatening way to get acquainted with and be cordial to your neighbors.

Autumn in Seattle is a great time to host a block party.1) Top 3 Reasons Why Fall is a GREAT Time to Host A Block Party

Got a busy summer planned? This post outlines how I pulled together a fall block party in 5 Easy Steps, but the formula could certainly be used for a summer BBQ or National Night Out.


The fire pit was blazing and I waited for my first neighbor to arrive at my block party.

2) The 6 Happy Gifts I Received at my Block Party

Yes, it went great! I hope you’ll take a quick read and be encouraged to pull together a block party in your neighborhood.



This pig may have seen better days, but he hosted a great time for one North Seattle neighborhood!

3) One Inspiring “Night Out”

Through a friend who follows my blog, I got connected with Kristine, a Bellingham transplant who now resides in North Seattle. She shared about the block party her neighborhood pulls together for National Night Out. I was AMAZED and INSPIRED. I hope you will be too!


My friend Jill's son hand made a flyer to use to invite their neighbors to a bbq.

4) Ye Olde Neighborhood Fourth of July BBQ

My friend Jill pulled together an impromptu neighborhood BBQ to celebrate her sons’ last day of school last year. I got inspired and pulled together a 4th of July BBQ for our surrounding neighbors. Could this be an option for you this summer? Read on…


MeadElementary125) I BELIEVE the 12thMan Can Melt the Seattle Freeze!

Yes, I organized a Seahawks 12th Man Tailgate party.  Yes, I organized a Super Bowl Party. No, I do not want to talk about the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl. I’m still in therapy about it.

See also: Are You All In for A Seahawks Super Bowl Party?

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