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3 necessities for weathering a Seattle power outage

(originally posted December, 2015)  I have lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest and I have never awoke to a thunder and lightning storm in December.   Until today. As this latest El Nino continues its dicey dance with … Continue reading

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Let There Be Peace On Earth, And Let It Begin…. With Coffee

At my recent Neighborhood Coffee Klatch, the participants noticed something wonderfully unique: in attendance that morning there were just as many multi-national transplants as there were ‘Yanks’.  Our neighborhood is growing to be a true melting pot of many different … Continue reading

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How we overcome sadness when that great neighbor moves away

When I launched my neighboring journey and blog 18 months ago, I got an insightful comment from someone about one of the possible reasons we Seattleites develop ‘Freeze Mentality’: “The Seattle Freeze was totally a thing for us when we … Continue reading

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An Important Halloween Message From Ms. LeStrange

Hope you enjoy the video. Below are some quick ideas to make this Halloween count in your neighborhood!

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The comforting memories of favorite family foods

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 88.  She passed away earlier this year, and to pause and remember her today – and my dad – I’m spending the day with some family. It’s funny the things that … Continue reading

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Pampered Chef: a springboard for connection. Who knew?

On a day that was raining And I should have been blue I did something so wonderfully fun That you could easily do too!   I hosted a Pampered Chef party 7+ freezer meals we each took away. It was … Continue reading

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45 great reasons to use Facebook to start a book club!

So, you want to start a neighborhood book club or a coffee klatch but you’re wondering how.  Pull up a chair. I’ve got an awesome story about a little Facebook comment that launched a neighborhood book club overnight. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Why Suicide Prevention Month matters to Seattle, and to me

September is national suicide prevention month. While Seattle is not among the country’s top cities for suicide, we are 6th in the nation for depression.  Couple depression with prolonged stress factors such as harassment, bullying, relationship problems or unemployment, and … Continue reading

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Second Sunday Potlucks: where neighbors become friends

I love hearing about and celebrating what others are doing to intentionally build community right in their own backyards. In the past year, I’ve continued to meet like-minded people who are trying new things. Last spring I met fellow neighboring … Continue reading

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Seattle block parties: if you host it, they will come

In the world of blogging, you’re supposed to have a catchy (and sometimes misleading) title to get people to click and read. You are supposed to write posts that have numbered lists and bullet points for easy reading. Slick gifs … Continue reading

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