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Flowers? Tomatoes? Mystery Fruit? What you might already have that could trigger a chain reaction of neighborliness

I love stories of unexpected kindness.  My neighbor, Tracey, who moved here with her family from England two years ago, recently shared a wonderful example of such kindness on her Facebook page. When they moved into their home, they inherited … Continue reading

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Of Hillary, The Donald, and My Neighborhood Book Club

Don’t worry ladies. No one is being outed. 😉 I do not write about politics, so if my title grabbed your attention thinking it was one more blogger issuing a heated verbal blast about the coming election, I’m sorry to … Continue reading

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4 fun ideas to build connection in your neighborhood this summer

Summer officially arrives next Monday and SUMMER IN SEATTLE is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy being neighborly. I discovered two years ago that by being intentional and organizing just one thing each month during the summer, the frequency … Continue reading

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Thawing the Seattle Freeze One Invite at a Time

On May 21, I was honored to speak at the City of Bellevue’s inaugural Neighborhoods Conference about my journey to “thaw the Seattle Freeze” by being intentional about getting to know – and building relationships with – my neighbors.  If you’d … Continue reading

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Why Coffee Klatches Work: Low Investment, High Return

A couple of years ago I read a great article by columnist and author David Brooks in which he said that if he were given $500 million dollars he’d spend it setting up places that would cultivate friendships.  Why? Brooks … Continue reading

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Will Bellevue Set the Standard for Thawing the Seattle Freeze?

Two years ago I Declared War on The Seattle Freeze. After growing tired of hearing that phrase repeatedly, I set out to get proactive about getting to know my neighbors – and what a joy the last two years has … Continue reading

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Regardless of Religion, Easter is an Invitation

When being strategic about proactively getting to know neighbors in Seattle, normally I’d recommend extending an invitation that’s at least 3-6 weeks out from the intended dining date.  I’ve found that people in Greater Seattle are BUSY, and their calendars … Continue reading

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The Bane of Busyness: How to Carve Out Time to Carve Out Time?

We Seattleites like to work.  It’s documented, don’t cha know.  Just a couple of years ago Forbes magazine rated Seattle as the #1 Hardest Working City in the United States. We’re so proud.  And tired.  And wishing we had more … Continue reading

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Look Closely at 2015. What Do You See?

When you reflect on the highlights of your 2015, what do you see? This thought came to mind when I received this incredibly fun gift from my neighbor shown below. It’s the second Christmas she’s done this. Look closely.  At first … Continue reading

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3 necessities for weathering a Seattle power outage

(originally posted December, 2015)  I have lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest and I have never awoke to a thunder and lightning storm in December.   Until today. As this latest El Nino continues its dicey dance with … Continue reading

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