Regardless of Religion, Easter is an Invitation

When being strategic about proactively getting to know neighbors in Seattle, normally I’d recommend extending an invitation that’s at least 3-6 weeks out from the intended dining date.  I’ve found that people in Greater Seattle are BUSY, and their calendars fill up fast and are often booked several weeks out.

But this year, Easter is early and is, perhaps, catching a lot of people by surprise (like me!). It feels like I just flipped the calendar from the drearyness of February to the blush of March, from the prolonged, dark Seattle winter to the fresh inhale of the Emerald City spring when OOPS…. Easter is this coming Sunday! What could I do on short notice to create a fun day for my family?

Easter Sunday is a great opportunity to invite a neighbor or community member to brunch, lunch or dinner.Well, I took a deep breath and, banking on the possibility that there were other people around me that might have also been caught off guard and had not yet made plans, I jumped on email and sent a couple of quick invitations for Easter Lunch.  BINGO!

To make the event extra fun, I reached out to some families that are the parents of a couple of my son’s ‘besties’, people who I most often connect with via the proverbial ‘drop-off-pick-up’ scenario. People that I always enjoy seeing and I thought – “well, wouldn’t it be nice to spend a large block of time with them?”  Oh yes, yes I think it will. 🙂

Regardless of one’s religious persuasion, Easter can be a time of invitation.  Spring is new life emerging and the hope of longer daylight and new opportunities ahead. Spring is hope.  As Spring emerges, we Seattleites often think of ourselves as moles coming out of the dark, damp earth eager to embrace the sunshine and light. I encourage everyone to take advantage of that desire to re-engage with life.


Make the call, send the email, smack a quick text – whatever it takes to reach out to someone in your neighborhood or community that you’ve been wanting to spend more time with.

Yes, Easter is a religious holiday. A celebration by millions as an invitation to grace, redemption and new life.  It is the celebration of the ultimate ‘do over’. Easter is also an invitation to connect, to move forward. Take it from me: you’re not the only person getting caught by surprise by an early Easter. Turn that surprise on its head and take the initiative to extend an invitation.

A word to people of faith…

A quick awkward question: how many people have you invited to church (for Easter Sunday) in the last several weeks versus the number of people you’ve invited into your home for a cup of coffee or a meal?

If the former far outweighs the latter, perhaps it’s time to turn the balance of that equation on its head? An invitation to church is certainly a gift in itself; my family and I will be celebrating in church this Easter Sunday morning. But an invitation that shows a genuine interest in a person regardless of their religious interests is where friendship and community can be born.  Just something to noodle on.

Extend an invitation to brunch, lunch or dinner to someone for this Easter Sunday.  And don’t forget to hide some eggs.


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