Look Closely at 2015. What Do You See?

When you reflect on the highlights of your 2015, what do you see?

This thought came to mind when I received this incredibly fun gift from my neighbor shown below. It’s the second Christmas she’s done this. Look closely.  At first glance it’s a beautiful and colorful Christmas tree ornament. A lovely gift unto itself. But when you look more closely you’ll see she invested some time putting together a mini-montage of all of the book jackets of the books we read together in our neighborhood book club.

For the second straight Christmas, my neighbor Sue has made these ornaments for the gals in our neighborhood book club. How cool is that?

For the second straight Christmas, my neighbor Sue has made these ornaments for the gals in our neighborhood book club. How cool is that?

Now I ask you, is that Pinterest worthy or what?  Beyond that, it’s a wonderful reminder of our discussions and of time well spent together as neighbors and as friends.

As I look closely at my 2015, it was a year that began with the loss of my mother; a lot to process, a lot that needed healing. I was grateful, however, to be given a beautiful spring and summer of play and rest with friends, neighbors and my husband and son; a lot to be grateful for.

As the year moved into fall, I was given a couple of amazing opportunities to serve clients who are all about serving others – certainly a passion of mine. A lot to invest good energy into, a lot of opportunity to bring my skill set to the table to help move their missions forward: Higher Ground Men’s Conference & Rent The ToyChest.

As fall moved toward the holidays, I received a surprising phone call from Julie Ellenhorn who leads the Neighborhood Outreach Division at the City of Bellevue. She asked if I would come and share my neighboring story at a new conference they’re putting together in May, all about encouraging neighborliness and community.  Why yes, Julie, yes I’d be delighted to do that. 🙂

And then December rolled in. May I take a moment to brag on my neighbors as I close out 2015?  In the land of The Seattle Freeze, my family received no less than 7 bags/boxes of homemade baked holiday goodies, 3 invitations to holiday cocktail parties and 1 lovely post-Christmas dinner – all from my neighbors. Yes, inviting is a gift, inviting is contagious, and neighboring is alive and well when we simply live life with a little intention.

As you look at your 2015, what do you see? I hope you see people: a warm circle of relationship with friends and neighbors, and neighbors who have become friends.

Wishing any soul in the Greater Seattle area who should stumble upon this blog post the moxie to set a goal for their 2016 for good things to grow in their neck of the woods.  Neighboring can happen, even in Seattle. All it takes is just deciding to do it.

With great gratitude, Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Look Closely at 2015. What Do You See?

  1. Nan says:

    Hi Becky, I found your blog from a link shared on the Heritage Hills FB page – what a treat this is! I loved that Christmas ornament – simply beautiful! I’ll look forward to reading more posts! Thanks, Nan

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea, love the ornament! Your post was very good as we look over the past year and move forward to be intentional in our relationships.

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