Pampered Chef: a springboard for connection. Who knew?

On a day that was raining

And I should have been blue

I did something so wonderfully fun

That you could easily do too!


I hosted a Pampered Chef party

7+ freezer meals we each took away.

It was all about food and friendship,

Is there a better way to spend a day?

Kirsten at Pampered Chef

At first I anxiously wondered

“Would people really want to come?”

It’s one of “THOSE kinds of parties?”

To my invite would friends just feel numb?


But within just a few minutes

Of a hitting a keystroke for “send”

Six, Seven, Eight pinged YES!

“Absolutely I’ll come, thank you my friend!”


I was overwhelmed and overjoyed

I had no idea of such proclivity,

Of so many Pampered Chef mavens out there

Who are looking for just such a festivity!


Longtime friends and those that are new

Came to partake in all the fun fixins.

We laughed, we chopped, we connected,

And all I had to provide was my kitchen.

Pampered Chef Party

No, I don’t sell Pampered Chef

That’s the job of my dear friend.

I just love finding new ways to connect,

A passion that seems to have no end.


Women, so often we find ourselves stretched

Our families we work hard to please ’em.

And finding time to actually cook?

That’s scarcer than a Mariners winning season!  D’Oh!


Increasingly we live disconnected

And we’re thinking of ways to thaw the freeze.

Why not let Pampered Chef do all the work

And you just toss ‘em your keys?


Why not start a monthly Pampered Chef group?

A regular gathering for good food and wine.

You could enjoy dinner together,

Letting friendship develop over time.


Use Facebook, use your directory

Or put a postcard invite on their porch.

Pampered Chef enthusiasts are lurking everywhere

See if they’re living outside your front door!


As the dark days of winter draw nearer

And the Seattle sleet starts to pound on your roof

I pray you won’t let S.A.D. have its way

And you won’t choose to be aloof.


Instead, think about taking that risk

The one you’ve been putting on hold.

Now is a great time to open up your heart,

To increase that friendship circle, come on, be bold!


I had the greatest time in my kitchen

With new friends and with old.

Think about hosting a Freezer Meal Workshop

You just never know what connection might unfold.


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