Seattle: it’s time to engage your inner 12

I just need to say #GoHawks.

Seattle Seahawks Hawkitecture

It’s the Blue Friday of all Blue Fridays today.

We’re on the cusp of #RePete and you can feel the energy in the air.


It’s time for all of Seattle to engage their inner 12. 

Many loyalists wear their 12 on their sleeve.  ‘Goin’ 12′ is as easy as breathing. Still others need a little encouragement to ‘share the love’ of their team with a co-worker or a neighbor.  Cmon. There’s still time.  Let’s get those “Anti-Freeze” 12thMan Tailgate parties planned. Invite a neighbor, co-worker. Use this amazing weekend as an opportunity the thaw the Seattle Freeze.

Tiger Woods Super Bowl 49 Pick - go Seahawks!

I’ve got a few Tailgate recipes posted on the Welcome Wagon Page if anyone should need a couple of ideas.

M&MCookiesAnd this Sunday my family will be enjoying a Breakfast of Super Bowl Champions: The #WilsonScramble (ie: Blue Eggs & Ham).

Until then, let’s all take a deep breath, try our best to focus. And fasten our seatbelts for Sunday 3:30p.

Tweet ya then. #GoHawks.

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