Are you ALL IN for a Seahawks Super Bowl Party?

Mead 12th Man!  Go Hawks!!Like so many Seattle 12s, I am still stunned, thrilled, exhausted and just-shy-of speechless from the Seahawks’ miraculous come-from-behind NFC Championship victory last Sunday. This is probably why it’s taken me 5 days to try and get some thoughts down about it.

Every time I start a conversation – or a paragraph – about the game it sounds/looks like:

“Can you be…”

“I thought my heart w….”

“I was so…and then…I just…”

“And Sherman played with his ar….”

“And then that guy – I’d never heard of  – caught the fa…..”

“And then Wilson started to cr….”

Speechless.  Our boys in blue delivered one for the ages. One that we’ll be retelling over and over to our grandchildren.

Probably the best 5 minutes of football ever played.

We witnessed a miracle, celebrating what seemed impossible. As KOMO sportscaster Eric Johnson put it: “Game? That was no game. That was a metaphor for life.”  Indeed.

And we cried after it was over. Oh, just admit it. You cried.

And now, I’m quivering with anticipation about the Hawks heading to another Super Bowl.

Emphasis on ‘Another’ Super Bowl

Few things in the modern era pull people together like sports.  Kicking off the 2014 season, I wrote a blog post titled “I believe the 12th Man can Melt the Seattle Freeze”, believing that the eagerness and energy level of this amazing post-super-bowl season would provide incredible opportunities for connecting with other 12s in the city, in our local communities, and in our own neighborhoods.

Well, here we are.  Another championship season. Another Super Bowl. Another opportunity.

So, then, what shall we do?  For me, how could I not leverage this miracle moment for another opportunity to connect with a neighbor (or two, or ‘twelve’)?  When it comes to big events like this, though, you want to share it with your close friends and fellow 12s.  You want to be able to let your hair down, be yourself and be surrounded by people who want to share in the excitement. When you are first getting to know your neighbors, you have no idea if they’re even interested in football let alone if they’re a Seahawks fan.  I know: blasphemy.  But, it’s true.

My solution:

     √ I am having a Super Bowl party.

     √ I am inviting a few of our “Besties”.

     √ I am inviting some family.

     √ And I am also inviting some neighbors.

When getting to know your neighbors it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition, making a choice between spending time with them OR spending time with your friends.  Why not do both? The way I see it, being a 12th Man is one of my “INGs” (see my blog post “Turning our ING things into BING things) and I’m simply inviting a neighbor to share my past time. I’m welcoming them into a circle of friendship, with some very cool people who they’ll probably end up liking more than me anyway. HA!

Last year, wanting to somehow engage in the Seahawks first trip to the Super Bowl, I zipped out an email to my closest proximity neighbors just a few days before the event extending an invite: “Halftime Party in the Cul-de-Sac”.  The weather looked good and I pulled the trigger. And everyone who didn’t already have a party to go to came out for 20 minutes of #GoHawks! Food. Beer. Sparklers. And lots and lots of smiles. It was awesome. Super easy, fun, and nobody had to clean their house.

This year, I’m going to do that again, weather permitting.  Why not?  Why not celebrate this amazing event with as many peeps as I can?

My One Request

Will you think about inviting a neighbor to your Super Bowl party?

Even if you don’t have a Super Bowl gathering at your home, when making plans with your friends to head to one of the thousands of restaurants, bars and bistros that will be playing/watching the game, will you think about inviting even just one neighbor who might be new on your street or that you’ve been wanting to get to know better.

You never know. It could be the moment their “inner 12” has been waiting for.


Note: for anyone who wants to connect virtually during the game, I’ll be tweeting my heart out on Twitter at @eatplaythaw.  Follow me and I’ll follow you back and together we can tweet the Hawks to victory!


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5 Responses to Are you ALL IN for a Seahawks Super Bowl Party?

  1. K D says:

    2nd grader at Mead for me. I’m hoping to take your words to heart and make an effort. I think people in Seattle are lovely, they just aren’t outwardly welcoming. (We’ve lived in the South where it is exactly the opposite). One thing I would like to blame is that everyone has family here. We are one of the only people who don’t have any family members in the state. In the South, rarely does anyone have any family, so they adopt everyone as family. If there is a need like Seattle, what is going to be driving those encounters and invitations?

    • K D says:

      Oops, last line should have read, “If there isn’t a need (like here in Seattle) what drives those encounters and invitations?” Close enough, right? Lol!

      • BHenchman says:

        Great thoughts, and how fun that we share Mead Elementary! You know, I’m learning that I live around A LOT of people who don’t have any family in the area. But, you’re right: we (Seattle) tend to not ‘adopt’ people like they do in the South. I come from “Southern Stock” – my mom’s family hails from Arksansas and my Grandparents never met a stranger. Maybe that’s where I get my “inner connector” from. What I AM finding, is that MANY people really do want to connect here, it’s just that for some reason we lack the initiative to ‘drive those first invitations.’ It definitely takes discipline and time, but I am finding it is well worth the effort. Give it time and temper those expectations. Not everyone will open the door, but some will. We’ll get there.

  2. K D says:

    Found you through a comment you had left on a blog, and was surprised to see a picture of my daughter as the 1st picture to come up. I’m thinking we might share Elementary Schools? I’m looking forward to reading through your blog as we’ve been here 9 years and are still feeling like we are going to never really break through the ice here.

    • BHenchman says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I want to encourage you are not alone and your story of “what the heck is going on in this city” is not unique. I’ve heard it countless times before, hence my effort to do something about it. I sincerely hope that my journey will somehow encourage more Seattleites to think twice about opening up their/our friendship circles. It continues to be an interesting process, but I am finding that with some consistent intention I am meeting more of my neighbors and finding more connection with them. In fact, one of my neighbors (that I knew pretty well previous to EatPlayThaw) told me recently that she has felt a ‘shift’ in our neighborhood toward deeper connection that – in her words – is ‘palpable.’ Real. It is not easy, it does not come without effort, intention and some sacrifice of time. But it can happen. Perhaps we have crossed paths at Mead Elementary? 🙂 My son is in the 4th grade there.

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