I’m launching a December Laugh-a-Day Campaign!

This week’s arctic blast inspired an idea. As December is approaching, I want to do something that would bring some light to those dark days of Seattle’s winter, especially for those that may have recently relocated here.  For some, December in Seattle can be a rough month.  Short days, sideways rain, holiday stress: if you’ve relocated to the Emerald City and thought it was always like August around here, you can be in for a bit of an adjustment.

In Seattle, December is the non-equatorial equivalent to the monsoon season.  But we don’t have to take it lying down. Seattleites are resilient and we refuse to let the weather dictate our mood.

As I’m on a mission to be neighborly and to encourage connection, how about if we get connected here every morning in December just to have a laugh? Would that brighten your day? Alleviate holiday stress?  Help you power thru the potentially gray day by beginning with a little ‘serotonin latte’? Who doesn’t want a little more laughter in their day?

EmmaStoneOK, then. Today I’m launching my December Laugh-a-Day Campaign. And I’m launching today to get the word out and give whomever would like to ‘play’ plenty of time to write-up and send to me their funny stories.  Yes, I’ve got a few good ones up my sleeve, but I’m betting that you’ve got some good stuff to share too.  I know many of you personally and know your sick sense of humor first hand. It’s why I love you.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Anyone can send in a FUNNY story. You do not have to be from Greater Seattle to submit a story. However, if you’re not from Seattle, your story BETTER BE FUNNY because Seattleites know funny. We’re the home of Almost Live and Comedy Underground, for Pete’s sake.
  • The story can be about you, a family member, a friend or a neighbor. All names and places can be changed to protect the innocent.  And prevent libel.
  • The story must be original. (no scraping Reader’s Digest, the internet, or Jimmy Fallon’s most recent monologue. People will always find out, and your reputation will be ruined.)
  • Let’s keep each story about 500 words or less  – about one Word doc page (we all eventually have to start the work day, so make it brief)
  • The story can be prose or poem, narrative or conversational.  Be creative. Have some fun.
  • No profanity or vulgarity.  You can be gross as long as it’s G-Rated.
  • The editor (that would be me) reserves the right to NOT PUBLISH any submissions that I deem not suitable or, even worse, not funny.

Submission Process

  • Submit your stories via bhenchman@gmail.com.  Title your subject line: December Laugh-a-Day Campaign.  You can submit anonymously or have your name on your story, your choice – just let me know in your email.  If you’re a writer, blogger or other creative type I’m happy to include links to your sites or your work. Just lemme know.
  • Stories can be sent in email or Word doc attachment format.
  • START SENDING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If I get more than 31 submissions, then I’ll do my best to double up on some days.  C’mon – send ‘em in!
  • Send me a virus via email and my Uncle Bruno will be paying you a visit. I will not be fooled.


SPREAD THE WORD and encourage other folks you know to join in the campaign to shed some light in our darkest month. Encourage others who might need a lift or a laugh to check out the blog each morning in December (or subscribe).  Help me cast a wide net of encouragement.

For all of you writers, bloggers, joke tellers and everyone else who has a funny-spray-cola-out-of-your-nose story to share or knows someone who does: SEND ME THOSE STORIES.   The goal is to have one laugh-out-loud story posted up each day in December. Let’s have some fun!

Laughter is, I believe, the best antidote to a dark day, and we never know when one might show up. Let’s connect as a community and give each other a boost!

Ready? Go!

P.S.: Oh, and I’m organizing a second neighborhood coffee klatch for this Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m finding these bigger event/invitations are a great, non-intrusive way to connect with neighbors, especially those that I don’t know well yet.  Try it out. Cast a big net. Take a risk.  Try some #neighboring.

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