A brief reminder of what it means to be neighborly


This week I was shown a wonderful reminder of what it means to be neighborly. I’ve mentioned before that two houses on my street recently sold and received new neighbors this summer. The most recent family moved in this past weekend and I was able to grab a ‘first hello’ while the husband was out mowing the lawn in this spectacular fall weather we’ve been enjoying.

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But, do you want to know what he and his family did this weekend?

They went around door by door to everyone on our street and brought cookies TO THEM and introduced themselves. I was so impressed. They are an absolutely delightful family with two adorable little boys, who also introduced themselves.

They asked if the neighborhood did a Halloween party. They were thrilled to hear I was hoping to organize a 12th Man Tailgate block party this fall (I’m thinking the Nov. 9th Giants game) and I could tell they were so excited to get to know people and become a part of the community.

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The experience took me back to 14 years ago when Jaz and I first moved into our house. We were excited to be a part of a neighborhood. We wanted to get to know people. We watched and looked for ways to meet people.  I remember my neighbor across the street, Sherry, who was the first person to welcome me to the block.  She simply saw me outside one day and walked across the street and introduced herself. I remember another neighbor, Shelli, bringing us a plant a few months after we moved in.  We remember the people who make us feel welcome.

When people buy a new house they’re not just purchasing a building. They’re choosing a neighborhood. They want the location, the culture, and the schools that come with the deed to the home.  They want connection.

For every new person and/or family who moved into one of our neighborhoods, can we take just one step to welcome them? A hello and a handshake, a plant, a plate of cookies, an invitation to dinner – perhaps not just with us but with one or two additional neighbors? Let’s not do the Seattle ‘wait and see’ thing. I’ve been guilty of that in my past.  Today, let’s be intentional.

Friendships happen over time. But they can’t get started without a first introduction.  We are not responsible for building another’s friendship circle. But, wouldn’t you agree that we all have the responsibility to be friendly? To be neighborly?

Two new families moved into houses on my street this summer. Three more moved in just around our street’s curve in the other direction. I’ve got lots of opportunity to be neighborly.

How about you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! What sweet neighbors to bring cookies to YOU. Unheard of!!

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