My ode to the Pioneer Woman and the Barefoot Contessa

My friend Lisa whipped up the Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Poundcake for our interview with KIRO Radio's Rachel Belle.  Can you say yum?

My friend Lisa whipped up the Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Poundcake for our interview with KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle. Can you say yum? And Lisa’s version comes complete with a beautiful crochet decoration! 🙂

Earlier this week I told you all about my neighbor and friend Lisa and her new adventure to start expanding her relationship circle by hosting crocheting workshops in her home. (See full story below) Once again, if you have an interest in attending one of Lisa’s workshops, you can get on her email list at

While I’m not a crocheter (not even sure that’s a dictionary word), Lisa and I do share several common interests. 

We are both mothers of boys and can share a smile when we’re around mothers of daughters who say cute things like “isn’t it great now that your child is old enough to sit down quietly with a book,” and we just look at them like “oh, that’s so precious – they must be on medication.” Uh-huh.

We are both also pretty avid connectors and I give Lisa the nod on being better at that than me as she has always been more proactive about finding opportunities within our neighborhood to volunteer, start clubs, welcome new neighbors, etc.

Another affinity we share is for cooking, and specifically we love all manner of recipes from the Pioneer Woman and the Barefoot Contessa (or Miss Ina, as I like to call her).  If you’re looking for EASY, DELICIOUS food options for those INVITE-THE-NEIGHBORS-OVER opportunities, I highly recommend just about anything these two ladies have put forth.  Check out their websites, you won’t be disappointed.

When Rachel Belle came to my house for the KIRO Radio interview, Lisa came and brought the Barefoot Contessa’s  Lemon Pound Cake and it was to-die-for.  For company & family dinners I’ve made Miss Ina’s Pot Roast for Company and I’m tellin’ ya it’s like the flavor of a full-on Boeuf Bourguignon  but with a simple pot roast recipe (cue eyes rolling in the back of your head and serve a cigarette with it!).

Lisa introduced me to The Pioneer Woman’s website a couple of years ago, before our local Comcast started carrying her on the Food Network.  I’ve served up Miss Ree’s incredible fruit salad with the orange vanilla sauce to my in-laws and took a tip from her build your own salad bar idea when I hosted my Eat Play Thaw lunch and served a build your own cobb salad for my neighbors.

But perhaps what I love most about these two women is the fact that they are doing what they LOVE, and they both found a way to translate that into successful careers on television WITHOUT being a size 2. They are real women with real talent who create real food for real people.

And that makes them my kind of real people.

Check out their websites this weekend.  You’ll find easy-to-prepare, delicious food recipes for yourself, your family and for company (hint-hint).



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