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It’s been a wonderfully fun week at Eat Play Thaw.  Last Friday I had an excellent dinner with new friends, my blog was featured in the local newspaper – The Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter, and I happened upon an article on GeekWire that for the first time provided some data that shows the Seattle Freeze is real.  Yup.

An excellent dinner with new friends

An excellent dinner with new friends

In his book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, Robert Putnam discusses the many facets that have caused our increasing disconnectedness in American communities (yes, it’s NOT just Seattle).  But evidence shows that there’s one thing that does HELP:  having children.  “Once women and men become mothers and fathers, their purposeful socializing – through churches or synagogues or mosques, through PTAs, through neighborhood watch groups – goes up, up, up. BUT informal socializing with friends goes down.”

OK.  My goal at Eat Play Thaw (see I’m declaring war on the Seattle Freeze) is to help reverse this disconnected trend in Seattle and I’m here to encourage everyone who currently has children to LEVERAGE YOUR PURPOSEFUL SOCIALIZING OPPORTUNITIES – listed above – TO INCREASE INFORMAL SOCIALIZING.  Don’t ignore this significant time in your lives – it can provide a wealth of increased friendship opportunities.

Last Friday, we had a family over for dinner that lives in an adjacent neighborhood.  Our boys are buds at school.  When I first met the mom, I did that “false assumption” thing and assumed because she was outgoing and vivacious that she probably already had a circle of friends and so I put her in the “do not disturb” category.  Well, that was categorically stupid of me.  After she invited my son over for a play date with her son, we had an opportunity to talk further and after a few more conversations I invited her family over for dinner.  It was spectacular.  Our boys connected, we connected and our husbands found affinity in the similar work that they do.  Bingo!

Don’t delay.  Our kids already have affinity with their friends through school, sports, music, all kinds of common interests.  And, we already share a common interest with their friends’ parents:  our kids.  All it takes is the next simple step:  an invitation.

The Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter

I had a wonderful interview with Kelly Montgomery from the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter about the blog and I’m grateful for her help in getting the word out to others who want to be intentional about connection.  Click here to read the full story.

If you’re new to Eat Play Thaw, click here to listen to a recent interview by KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle about my journey.

Can a new technology – The Weave – help us thaw the Seattle Freeze?

An article this week on GeekWire spotlighted a new app designed to help people network and connect professionally.  It’s called Weave and I encourage you to check it out.  According to the article: “Weave is an app that allows users to swipe through cards of nearby people that they could potentially meet up with. If two people happen to swipe “yes” with each other, Weave opens up a conversation channel between them to help initiative an in-person conversation. It’s like Tinder, but for networking instead of just dating.”

The GeekWire article also talks about statistical data from Weave showing that, in essence, even when it comes to connecting professionally, Seattle falls far behind other major metropolitan areas.  We seem to be chronic hesitators.  I’ll look forward to watching Weave’s progress to see if it can be a social media tool that actually helps increase fact-to-face connection for Seattleites as opposed to those that encourage us to ‘connect’ remotely at home.


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