First post, first invite, and a call from KIRO Radio!

Rachel Belle 3!

First Post – THANK YOU to everyone who read, commented, shared, forwarded, emailed and tweeted my blog!  As of this morning, I’ve received over 400 visits to my first post!  I am so grateful for your shared interest in thawing the Seattle Freeze and in tracking with me on this journey.  Several  expressed interest in taking the challenge!  You’ll see that I created a new “Join the 12/12 Challenge” page on the site.  If you’d like to OFFICIALLY join the challenge of having 12 neighbors over for a meal in the next 12 months, simply fill out the contact form with your first name(s), the neighborhood you live in, and add the comment “I’m in” and I’ll add your name to our running list.  Just think what it could mean to our city if we got 100 people representing 100 neighborhoods across greater Seattle to join the challenge!  If 12 invites sounds way too daunting to you, think about what your personal goal could be.  Could you invite 6 neighbors to dinner in the next 12 months?  Two neighbors?  Any goal is fantastic and will contribute to Thawing the Freeze!

For those that participated in the just-for-fun  survey, THANK YOU.  You told me about 50% of you have a neighbor over for dinner about 3-4 times a year. That’s fantastic!   I think we’ve got a great community already to build upon.  Let’s keep those invites going.  And, just to clarify, the Seattle Freeze doesn’t actually have anything to do with Frappucino’s or Microsoft’s annual performance review. 🙂

Going forward, the BEST WAY to follow Eat Play Thaw is to sign up (see right column) for email alerts to new posts.  I’ll also be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but considering Facebook’s new News Feed paradigm  it’ll be a real crap shoot as to whether or not my Facebook friends and followers get my post in their news feeds.  So, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR NEW POST EMAIL ALERTS.  I’m excited about sharing my journey with you.

First Invite – My first invite attempt is indicative of why I’m doing this journey.  You’ll love this.  I called my next door neighbors Wayne & Sharon.  Although I’ve lived next door to them for nearly 14 years, I have mostly talked to them in passing or while we’re both out sticking petunias in the ground. I  found out only 6 weeks ago what Wayne does for a living and that Sharon retired two years ago.  Yeah.  I think I’d like to get to know them a lot better.  Anyway, they are not able to make it for dinner this month as Sharon is a big-time participant in the Seattle Film Festival (that is so cool) and will see upwards of 60 films this month. You go girl!  But, they are “delighted’ to re-schedule sometime this summer. The hilarious part is, halfway through our phone conversation, Sharon says:

“Now, which neighbor are you again?”

“Um, I live right next door.  It’s Becky.”

“Are you the ones from Australia?”

“No. It’s Becky. If you’re standing outside facing your house, I’m next door on the right.”

“OOOOOOH, that Becky.”

I totally cracked up!  Yes, I’m looking forward to getting to know Wayne and Sharon better!  LOL.

So, if your first neighbor isn’t available, ask another!   I called another neighbor next and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I’ll keep you posted.

KIRO Radio!  Yes, KIRO Radio.  You can imagine my huge surprise and excitement when an email from Rachel Belle, the daily contributor to KIRO Radio’s The Ron and Don Show and the Ring My Belle Weekends show popped up in my feedback box! She’d seen my first blog post, said she was “all over” the Seattle Freeze and would like to do a story about the blog.  Wow!  We had a great first conversation and we’re working out the details.   I’ll keep you posted as to how that progresses!  (Did I mention about signing up at the right to receive new posts and updates via email ? hint…hint.. 🙂

Until then, please continue sharing your comments, questions and stories!  I’m continuing my march to nail down my first neighbor dinner.


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